Why You Should Plan A Photoshoot with Your Best Friend

High school graduation is a very special moment and it’s even sweeter with your friends by your side. The same could be said about life, in general. Friendships are so incredibly important and I certainly treasure mine. The connections we make during our youth really can last a lifetime. 

There is something remarkable about all of that shared history being carried with us for decades. The inside jokes, the ups, and the downs – to have a best friend see you through it all is a gift.

So, why not honor the friendships in your life and plan a senior portrait session together? Not only do you get to spend an hour or two together, but you’ll also have lasting keepsakes. Plus, nothing helps to calm the pre-photoshoot nerves like laughing with a friend. Those also happen to make the best candid shots.

Rhiannon and Stella planned their senior portrait session together and we all had a blast! Each one of them got to pose separately so they have some solo photos, and then we did a bunch of them together, too. It is so fun to see personalities, friendships, and stories through my lens. 

It’s truly an honor to be able to capture this moment in time. I look forward to seeing this friendship continue to blossom for many years to come.

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