Family & Wedding Photographer, Holly B Rose Photography
Family & Wedding Photographer, Holly B Rose Photography


When you hire a photographer, it’s about so much more than spending money. It’s about trust, because asking a stranger to document a moment in time takes courage. Courage to look back at that photo 20 years from now and feel the stir of your soul as you recall that special point in life. When you hire a photographer, it’s about telling your story and I’d be honored to tell your story through my lens. 

Napa Valley Family Photographer & Wedding Photographer

“I Believe photographs are love notes left behind”


“Holly continues to impress me with her ability to truly capture the essence of being a human with the people we love on this beautiful planet. The shoot we did with my daughter was relaxed, fun, and sincerely the perfectly unique location and mood for us. She doesn’t need my review… her portfolio says it all.” – Danielle Marshall



The art of photography is a huge part of my story, something I’ve concentrated on for the past ten years. In today’s world, where almost everyone has a camera at their disposal, the value of creating professional images speaks for itself. 



“Holly is a phenomenal photographer!! She has this unique way of bringing each person’s personality to life in her photos. We had such a fun, easy-going experience during our shoot with her, and the photos are absolutely beautiful!!!” – Bethany Lewis

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