Family & Wedding Photographer, Holly B Rose Photography
Family & Wedding Photographer, Holly B Rose Photography


Hi, I’m Holly, a Sonoma County professional photographer and I’d love to tell your story. Is it your beautiful family? Your wedding celebration? A fabulous new career? Graduation day or something else entirely? Whatever the case, your milestone or event is as important to me as it is to you and I want to give you the perfect photos to showcase it. Similar to you, my story has been a journey including a life purge that saw my husband and me dramatically pare our belongings in order to live in 147 square foot Airstream. And while this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, for us, it has provided an opportunity to explore true happiness with just the things we truly love surrounding us. A few of those things are photos because along the way, I depended on my beloved camera to document our progress. As a professional photographer, my camera lens gives me focus – not just with images but on life as well. So when people came to visit, I invited them into the frames. Siblings, parents, old friends and new, babies and pets and grandparents all found themselves in the camera’s eye. I created an ever-changing gallery of images, something I hadn’t known as a child. I was delighted and loved every minute of it. The best part? That very personal experience served to enhance my professional capabilities in ways I never could have imagined. As everyone knows, you can’t stop time. But, we can freeze small moments and cherish them forever through photographs. Let me use my creativity and talents to tell your story through my lens. Your moment, your spirit, your essence, your life. 

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

With love, Holly .

Holly is one of those people you meet and you feel like you’ve known them forever. She made the seemingly nerve wracking family photo shoot so incredibly easy and fun! She’s a true GEM and I cannot wait to hire her again in the future. 

-Maddy german