Why Hiring A Professional Photographer To Take Your Photo

As an artist, telling your story & showing your face – the one behind the art can be key to making sales. The buyer – the collector, is not just buying the artwork, but they are also investing in you!!

Chances are, at some point you’ve run into a family member or friend musing about life as a professional photographer and trying to get a fledging photography business off the ground. Maybe they’ve even offered to take your images for free to build up their portfolio. The offer can definitely be tempting, but is it worth it?

Photography is an art form, just like painting and sculpture. It requires training, skill and knowledge to do well. When it comes to photos of you and your brand, you don’t want an amateur creating your image. You want someone who knows how to translate your brand into a visual language people admire.

Professional photographers brings years of training at university and/or an apprenticeship in photography to your session. They know everything about lighting, set design, cameras, production and visual communication. They know how to make use of every setting to create the best possible images for you. Experienced pros can make adjustments as they go, ensuring they can adjust to unexpected changes on set so they don’t miss a single shot. Your friend or family member may have a professional camera, but if they don’t know to use it, chances are you won’t get the images you want.

✨Make sure to hire the right photographer to help you showcase you and your creative magic✨

Sonoma County Brand Photographer + Artist Photographer // Good Vibes Studio in Sonoma California

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