Traveling to Wine Country? Hire Me to Take Photos While You’re Here!

How many times do you get stuck scrolling through your camera photo album, reminiscing about that amazing vacation you wish you were still on? Guilty! I love
looking back at photos, especially the ones where we’re adventuring in a new place.

Have you ever considered hiring a photographer in the destination you’re traveling to? I cannot recommend this idea enough! It gives you an opportunity to get a little dressed up, and to explore the area you’re visiting with someone who knows the region well. You just might end up finding some hidden treasures that are local hangouts, or you may see a part of the city that you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s almost like you get your very own tour guide who also happens to take incredible photos.

Cecelia and John hired me to snap some pics during their Napa vacation, and we had the best time exploring the Riverfront. There are so many beautiful spots to take photos in Napa, but the Riverfront area has a unique urban vibe that you wouldn’t necessarily find at a winery.

If you have a vacation coming up, whether it’s with family, friends, or a romantic getaway – consider hiring a photographer for a few hours. You’ll love having these images next time you scroll through the photos on your phone.

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