This Sonoma County Beach Brings the Magic for Family Photos

A Fall family session at the beach is such a delight. The sun warms the sand and the crisp air makes everything feel so fresh and alive. I also love how the sky and sunlight have a softer glow than during the other seasons. It’s that delicious time of year where we can feel the changing of the seasons deep within.

I was thrilled to work with the Lytle family a couple of years ago, and our photoshoot at Doran Beach was so much fun. They weren’t afraid to dig their toes in the sand and let the location lead us through the shoot.

The family chose an assortment of rich, Fall colors for their wardrobe, each one complementing the other. The kiddos got to be their silly, carefree selves and we took lots of beautiful posed family shots as well. The sunset shot is absolutely stunning, with the silhouettes of each family member hand in hand.

We also played with bubbles during the shoot, and we captured some truly magical photographs with them. It’s amazing how something as simple as a soapy bubble can add so much wonder and beauty to a photo.

Thank you to the Lytle family for letting me photograph your beautiful family.

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