This Dreamy Backyard Wedding Was One of my Favorites

Wedding season is upon us, and in this age of Pinterest and influencers and social media, there are so many incredible ideas out there. But, one of my favorite types of weddings has to be the intimate backyard wedding. How dreamy does that sound?! A small gathering of family and friends, nestled in a cozy Wine Country setting is pretty much as romantic as it gets.

This intimate backyard wedding in Glen Ellen was special for so many reasons. The location was a newly built family home, and what better way to celebrate the new property than with a wedding? After years of a global pandemic, seeing this family come together for such a momentous occasion was truly magical.

It was important to the couple that they incorporate the Groom’s Tibetan heritage, and many of the traditional ceremonial elements. The bride was absolutely stunning in her Tibetan attire, and the whole event was a beautiful celebration of lasting love. There was even a furry friend who got to join in the photo shoot. No special meaning here, but he sure does make a cute addition for the photo album!

Need some inspiration for your own big day? Check out this album to see why I love backyard weddings so much.




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