The Everyday Moments are Important and Worthy of Photographing, Too

Gorgeous golden sunlight, lush vineyard views, and the sweetest couple dancing among the vines. Could there be a more perfect setting for a photographer?!

Kunde Winery is a Sonoma Valley landmark and also happens to be an incredible location for special events of all kinds, as well as for professional photos. Amber and Dale chose this magical spot for their photoshoot last April.

The Spring weather had left the vines and rolling hills a vibrant green, and the afternoon sun added a dreamy glow to the shots. We had so much fun strolling around the property and I loved incorporating a unique bright yellow flatbed truck into the photos.

You don’t need a major life event to have professional photos done. The everyday moments are just as magical and worthy of capturing.

Browse through this beautiful album with Amber and Dale, and you’ll want to schedule your own photoshoot!



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