Sonoma County in the Fall is Straight Out of a Storybook

Sonoma County in the Fall is something straight out of a storybook. The sight of the vineyards as they change from vibrant green, to that glowing orange-yellow, and fiery red is a scene I will never tire of. And if you’re lucky enough to live in this area, I think you’d agree. This season is ideal for family photos not only due to the stunning setting, but also because it’s just in time for holiday cards! It’s a very busy time of year for photographers, but I consider myself quite lucky to be able to work in this gorgeous region. I had the privilege of photographing the Anderson Family in October, and they selected Bartholomew Park as their shot location. This is a beautiful park and winery located not farm from the historic Sonoma Plaza. There are hiking trails, vineyards, beautiful landscaping, a museum, and so much more. We had a blast exploring and we found tons of great places for photo ops.


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