I’m Loving the 25th Anniversary Photo Shoot Trend, and You Will Too!

There are so many important milestones throughout our life, but unfortunately we don’t always think to document them. This is where I come in! Part of my mission as a photographer is to help you capture all of life’s celebrations – whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or anniversary. I want to help you remember these moments in time, and provide keepsakes to last a lifetime. A new favorite photo session of mine are anniversary shoots. What a gift it is to work with couples who are celebrating milestone anniversaries! They’re fun, and silly, and relaxed, and still so very in love.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few couples lately who were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries. Their love has withstood the test of time and yet their smiles and laughter gave off a newlywed glow.

Wine Country is a beautiful backdrop for all kinds of celebrations. There are endless possibilities for finding a gorgeous location – just pick the reason and the outfit, and I’ll see you there! If you’ve got a big anniversary in your near future, check out these galleries for some inspiration for your own photo shoot:


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