How to Bring the Fun to Your Next Family Photo Shoot

You know those awkward family photos that pretty much every family has hanging on a wall in their parent’s or grandparent’s house? Some have the weird shadowy silhouette thing going on, some have tragic matching turtlenecks, and every single one has a statement hairstyle for that era. Gosh, I love a good awkward family photo! But, I don’t think that trend should continue for the future generations.

Every photographer is different, but I want my shoots to be lighthearted. I want to see genuine happiness and life portrayed through my photographs. I will still get y’all lined up in a solid family photo pose, but I will also encourage your kids to run, and maybe jump in a puddle. These are the photographs you’re going to look back on years later and be instantly transported to that silly moment in time.

I recently shot with the English family along the Russian River and their two sons brought the fun! The location was stunning, and we even had a visit from some sweet little ducks. My personal favorite moment was when the kiddos ended up splashing around in the river. They might have been dressed up and looking very handsome, but that sure wasn’t stopping them from letting their magical innocence shine. THIS is why I love my job. Being present in these simple moments and being able to gift my clients photos to treasure for a lifetime is the best.

So, when you’re planning your next family photo shoot, don’t forget to have fun. Bring bubbles, let the kids roll around in the grass, chase them around the field. These moments are fleeting, but your photos and memories will last forever.




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