4 Ideas to Help Make Lasting Memories at Your Family Reunion

Have you ever hosted or attended a family reunion? I’ve seen these events in all
shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless when planning a reunion, but we
all tend to have the same outcome in mind: to reconnect with loved ones and
create lasting memories.

Since I’ve had the privilege of photographing many special occasions over the
years, I’ve come up with a few ideas to help make your event a success. Here are 4
tips to keep in mind for your next family reunion:

Hire a photographer. Clearly I’m biased here, but there really is no better time to
have professional photos taken. How often do you get to gather with your
extended family, outside of holidays? Take my word for it and hire a
photographer to snap photos during the event. It doesn’t have to be a fancy affair,
but you will be so thankful to have photos to look back on for years to come.

Choose a coordinating color scheme for clothing. Whether it’s a color, or
matching family shirts – your photos will really pop with that simple coordinated

Set aside time for photos. Be sure to let everyone know there will be a
photographer there to take pictures, and set aside enough time to get shots of the
whole group as well as individual family photos. I can always help with the
timeline, too.

Have fun! Candid shots are a must, no matter what type of event I’m
photographing. Let the kids run around and play tag. Dance. Laugh. Cheers your
wine glasses. These are the moments you will treasure.


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