Why You Should Celebrate the Milestone Birthdays with Professional Photos

Got a big birthday coming up? This is the perfect time to bring in a professional photographer! These celebrations are very special, and they deserve to be documented in more than a few iPhone selfies.

Milestone birthday shoots are always such a blast. It’s a blend of stories from the past, and the birth of new memories. I love being a part of the big birthday parties for so many reasons. One of them being the opportunity to take part in someone’s personal history. I get to hear about the charming childhoods, and the awkward teen years, and the college graduations, and weddings; all while photographing the current season of life that person is in. It’s a unique walk down memory lane as we’re creating new memories to last a lifetime.

This 40th birthday shoot was so much fun! Cheryle gathered her family and friends at an awesome Airbnb in Santa Rosa, and they all got glammed up for the party. The setting was beautiful with lush tropical plants in the backyard, and a retro 70’s vibe in the house. We did a variety of posed shots and mixed in some candids to capture the essence of the event.

If you, or a friend or loved one have a milestone birthday coming up, shoot me an email to connect.



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