Why You Should Bring a Photographer Along for Your Next Celebration

Being a photographer is like having a special admission ticket into some of the most magical moments of people’s lives. I get a front row seat to the joining of families, the celebration of new life, and occasionally, some really great parties.

While it may be my job, I do wholeheartedly believe in capturing the special moments in life. This doesn’t have to be limited to only the BIG ones. There is so much to celebrate in the in between as well.

I was thrilled to be a part of this bachelorette wine tasting day at Hall Wines . Hanging with a girl gang is one of the most inspiring and powerful things you can do. Especially when they’re
celebrating one of their besties and her upcoming nuptials. It’s excitement, and fun, and laughter, and hope all combined. Plus, these gals had a serious sense of fashion, too. Don’t save the photoshoot for only the weddings or occasional family photos. Document the in between moments too. The birthdays, the bachelorettes, the reunions – these are worthy of the photos, too.

Cheers to Shannon and her girl gang, and thank you for letting me tag along on your special day!


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