Why I Love Extended Family Photo Sessions

The more the merrier is my motto when it comes to family sessions. I want to see group hugs and generations of smiles and the love that binds us together. This is probably why I love extended family sessions so much.

I did a family session of twelve last Fall, and it was so much fun. These photo shoots take a bit longer, but it’s important to me to highlight every family member. We did individual shots, siblings, nuclear families, group, and more.

The location was Taylor Mountain in Santa Rosa, which is a beautiful landscape for photos. The sun was peeking through the branches on the large oak trees and that Fall glow was pure magic.

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer about setting up a group session. Most of us will jump at the chance to work with an extended family, and this gives you a unique opportunity to gather together in coordinating outfits! Or not, but who doesn’t love matching with their people?!

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