Spring Family Photos Are A New Favorite. Here’s Why.

Family portrait season tends to be in the Fall as everyone is preparing to send out their holiday cards. But, I worked with the sweetest family this Spring and I love this fresh take on the timing of family photos.

Jake, Heather, Silas (and their adorable pup Scarlet) met me at Sonoma Regional Park on an April afternoon, and we had a blast strolling around the beloved park. The recent rains had left the meadows a lush green, and the golden hour lighting gave everything a soft glow. I love that they brought their sweet dog to be included in the photos too. I’m a firm believer that our pets are a part of the family, and I always light up when a fur baby joins our sessions.

If you’re planning on having family photos done, consider a different time of year than the standard Fall timeline. Not only may photographers have more availability, but you will also get a different perspective for your photos. The spring lighting and natural surroundings are equally magical to the beauty of Fall.




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