Honeymoon Photo Shoots are my New Favorite Project – Here’s Why

I am a huge fan of thinking outside the box, and getting creative in my line of work. Which is why I absolutely love when I meet clients who have a similar outlook. There certainly isn’t a ‘right’ way to document the special moments throughout your life. Things don’t have to happen in a linear fashion – life sure doesn’t!

David and Tamara didn’t take engagement photos before their wedding, so they decided to plan a shoot during their honeymoon in Napa. What an amazing idea this was! We met at Castello di Amorosa , which is a simply breathtaking spot, and their newlywed glow put golden hour to shame!

They weren’t carrying any of the wedding day nerves, or the stress of planning the big day. They were relaxed and carefree. Their smiles and laughter lit up my camera lens and I had an absolute blast photographing these two lovebirds.

It was such a treat to shake things up a bit and shoot with a couple in a different phase of the wedding process. I hope more couples will be inspired by them to do the same.

Congrats to David and Tamara!




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