Here’s Why I Love Working with Other Creatives

Being a creative myself, it fills my cup to work with other artists and to see them in their element. I may feel at home behind the lens of a camera, but there are countless other art forms that feel foreign to me. I love to see artists sharing their work with the world, and it’s a real treat to be able to collaborate with them.

Annika Gustaffson is a magician with a can of spray paint and her studio is one of the most fun spaces I’ve ever seen. It’s like walking into an urban museum and you’ll instantly feel cooler being surrounded by her art.

I had the pleasure of photographing Annika as she created. I got a rare behind the scenes look at her process and it was incredible to witness. It’s one thing to appreciate a piece of completed art as it hangs on the wall. It’s something else entirely to see the inspiration in the artist’s eyes as they bring that art to life.

Here’s to more art studio photo shoots, and to being creative.


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