Here’s Why I Love Shooting Engagement Sessions

It’s no secret that I love love. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to photography. I get to work with people who are celebrating love in all different seasons. Engagements, weddings, baby showers, family sessions. Each event I photograph is full of love, and I get to capture that through my photos. How lucky am I?!

Engagement sessions are some of the most fun, and love-filled sessions. The couples are giddy with excitement and their smiles shine extra bright. I worked with Becca and Anthony recently, and I could sense their joy the minute we got started. It’s the kind of happiness that is contagious.

We met at Sunset River Beach along the Russian River, and the beautiful setting certainly added to the fun and joyful vibe. Something about being by the water makes everything feel right.

Congrats to Becca and Anthony on their engagement!


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