Here’s a Creative Way to Personalize Your Senior Portrait Session

I love seeing the high school senior portraits start popping up in my social feeds! This is such a special time of celebration, and excitement, and anticipation for what the future holds. And senior portraits can capture each of those emotions.

It’s always a pleasure to work with high school seniors and to hear about their plans for this next chapter in their lives. To photograph this moment in time is a humbling experience. Through my lens I’m witnessing the growth of a young human as they are launched out into the world.

There are lots of great ideas for personalizing these photo sessions, and it’s so fun to see the creative ways youth show up for their portraits. This is a chance to highlight your interests, or hobbies; to show the world what’s important to you. It can also be a time to honor your heritage.

Elianna and Tule chose to have their photos taken at Ya-Ka-Ama Indian Education and Development. The setting was beautiful, and the tribute to their Native American heritage was even more so. The stunning natural backdrop and light spilling through the trees made the space feel magical. 

If you have a family story or a deep connection to your heritage, it’s quite powerful to incorporate that into your senior portraits.

Congratulations to all of the students celebrating their graduations! Onward, my friends.




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