Classic Cars Add a Unique Element to Your Big Day

Coastal weddings have a special feel that you can’t find elsewhere. Something about being near the ocean creates a powerful connection to the earth and the beauty surrounding us. There is something so romantic about the sounds of waves in the background as a couple exchanges vows.

California is home to pretty remarkable coastline, and depending on where you are, you’ll have a very different beach experience. Northern California beaches tend to be cooler, with misty fog, while Southern California provides more of the bright sunshine and hot sand.

Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County, is a beautiful beach town along the Northern California coast. Its rocky hillsides, cypress trees, and driftwood scattered beaches create a breathtaking backdrop for weddings. 

Katherine and Trevor chose Fort Bragg as their wedding location, and it was a dream to photograph. It was an intimate setting with a small gathering of loved ones, and every detail was enchanting. The lush greenery in the floral arrangements complemented the natural surrounding, and added a rich pop of color to the blush hued bridesmaids dresses. The classic Thunderbird and the photos of family on their own wedding days, were such beautiful touches.



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