Baby on the Way? Hire a Photographer to Document Your Shower!

What a joy it is to take part in the making of core memories with my clients. To be able to witness love, anticipation, excitement and all the feels from behind my lens is pretty incredible. Every event brings its own special vibe, but ultimately they each remind me of how much love and goodness there really is in the world.

One of the best types of events to serve as this reminder is a baby shower. There is nothing like being surrounded by friends and loved ones who are celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby. That is pure bliss right there.

I had the honor of shooting a baby shower at ru’s Farm in Healdsburg recently, and it was such an awesome event. The barn provided a rustic backdrop and the spring weather made the surrounding vineyards and landscape a vibrant green. I always love seeing the unique ideas my clients tie into their events, and the sweet baby photos of the parents-to-be were a favorite here.

Hiring a professional photographer is one way to ensure that life’s special moments are documented. One day that little one growing in your belly may celebrate their own baby shower, and having photos to look back on is a gift to last a lifetime.

Congratulations to Cameryn and Roland! Cheers to this next adventure.




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